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XPRESS Asphalt Plant


XPRESS in Kazakhstan

XPRESS in Kazakhstan

XPRESS 2500 is a mobile batch plant, located in the PREMIUM segment of the market: it encapsulates all the features of a stationary plant, for instance the high production rate (up to 200 t/h with possibility of direct discharge onto trucks), but at the same time it provides the advantage of total mobility on wheels without exceeding the road transit dimensions.
This plant is the leader of a new range of products with top level performance, technology and design, created for the most demanding clients working on the most exacting and difficult sites.
XPRESS can be erected and dismantled quickly with the aid of a small crane, without affecting the quality of operations and thus allowing considerable savings for the contractor.

Flexibility is an absolute priority! Just like on large sophisticated plants, a double RAP metering line for up to 40% recycling can be installed (one line feeding the ring on the dryer drum and the other line feeding directly into the mixer).

In addition to a system for producing foam bitumen (AQUABlack®), when producing WMA at low temperatures, XPRESS can be fitted with a series of optionals, ranging from the traditional MARINI recycling ring to a cold recycling solution in the mixer.

MARINI combines technology and experience to achieve quality and reliability in all its component parts. XPRESS can be fitted with special MARINI ENDURANCE anti-wear plates, which can resist abrasion for up to 6 times more than plates made from traditional material.

XPRESS was presented to the dealer network for the first time at the end of October and bauma is its first international presentation, its first time on show, but we can proudly announce that several units have already been sold in less than six months!

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