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MARINI-ERMONT presents the latest addition to the ROADMASTER range: the RM 120 ALLROAD, designed and created to help road contractors in their constant quest to produce all types of high-quality asphalt at very low cost.

The RM 120 ALLROAD—a supermobile, single-pack plant with a production range from 50 to 120 T/h, able to recycle up to 40% of asphalt aggregates—is the ideal plant for small and medium-sized jobsites on the move.

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As reflected by its motto: “Any Asphalt. Anywhere”, the RM 120 ALLROAD is able to produce high-quality, hot-mix or warm-mix asphalt, with or without recycled materials.

Equipped with the RETROFLUX counter-flow technology, the RM 120 ALLROAD was originally designed to be capable of attaining a consistent recycling rate of up to 40% of asphalt aggregates.

With a view to adapting to the constraints of all markets, the RM 120 ALLROAD incorporates the most efficient metering systems that have already proven their worth on exacting projects such as motorway and airport projects completed in France. It is capable of meeting contractors’ needs for their current and future pavement construction and renovation projects.


The RM 120 ALLROAD—the product of collaborations with our clients and partners worldwide—is intended either:

  • For inexperienced clients seeking a highly reliable and easy-to-use asphalt plant for their first projects, offering the possibility of technical upgrades.

  • Or for expert clients seeking to produce a wide variety of asphalt, thus combining versatility and optimised production costs thanks to the efficiency of each individual component.

In all situations, this supermobile, single-pack plant benefiting from excellent ground clearance offers an unrivalled level of mobility for its category, which allows clients to operate as close as possible to their application sites.


The RM 120 ALLROAD is the latest embodiment of the expertise of MARINI-ERMONT—a company reputed for its innovations, and has been designed to allow all of its clients to manufacture high-quality asphalt in complete safety.

A multitude of additional equipment options are available to meet the needs of both emerging and mature countries.

MARINI-ERMONT’s policy consists of supporting all of its partners throughout each stage of their asphalt plant’s service life, to help them with their daily use and ensure the long-term efficiency of their facilities.

Regardless of the equipment, each user can rely on MARINI-ERMONT’s long-established skills and expertise.

The RM 120 ALLROAD offers the guarantees of a French-manufactured product and MARINI-ERMONT service.

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